How much does cargo service cost?

Cargo service can be simply explained as the loading, unloading, management and transport of products or containers from one place to another through land, air or water. At first, this was only limited to transport by water but now it extends its roots to land and air as well. Cargos are easiest and reliable way to transport goods from less accessible places to international cities but the International cargo shipping rates vary depending upon different factors. Few types are cargo are as follows

  • Liquid Bulk

In this type of cargo liquids like vine, petroleum or vegetable oil are transported through specialized pipes connected to containers for safe transport and avoid spillage. Apart from that, liquid natural gas and petroleum gas are also transported in their oil gas form in this type of cargo.

  • Dry bulk

This type of cargo involves loose transport of sand, gravel, iron ores or cobblestones and these goods are loaded into the containers with the help of vessels or shore-cranes having buckets.

  • Containers

Containers include toys, fridges, TVs and other stuff like that or frozen items can also be transported in this type of cargo. Beer bottles and fuel can also be transported by this method.

  • Roll-on roll-off

In this type of cargo, the goods are rolled on and rolled off in the cargo. It contains cars, trucks or other large products like generators etc. which are loaded and unloaded with the help of special ramps.

  • Break Bulk

Heavy items like steel rods, wind turbine blades and bundle of pipes are transported in this type of cargo.

How Cargo shipping rates are calculated?

Cargo shipping rates vary depending upon the mode of transport (i.e. air, land or sea), weight of the cargo, distance travelled and other expenses like loading, unloading, parking fee and other subsidies. The formula to calculate International cargo shipping rates can be simply explained as:

Firstly, you need to calculate the total cubic feet of the shipment by dividing total cubic inches by the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot i.e. 1,728. After this, you need to divide the total weight of shipment in pounds by total cubic feet and you will get the total cargo service rates.

Which is the most reliable way of cargo transport?

Sea freight is one of the best options if you are planning to transport your international cargo and international sea freight rates are also reasonable than air freight as air transport will cost more but still most of the cargos are transported through land by means of trucks. Land freight in addition to providing best cargo service rates also provides the most efficient way of transport regarding tracking and safe transport. Besides this, air freight does not allow the transport of goods heavier than 500kg but you can transport weight of tonnes through land freight. Researches show that international sea freight rates are four to six times lesser than air freight. Transport through trucks is also fast and can be tracked very easily. So for safe, fast and cheap transportation, you need to choose land cargo transport method.

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